Architecture & Cityscapes

Cathedral Ceiling

denver library cathedral ceiling

Isn’t a library a sort of Cathedral to knowledge?
What attracted me to this image is the strong geometric form of the trusses, and the lighting that forms a bullseye at the center.

  • Denver Public library
  • February, 2016
  • Mamiya 6, 50 mm lens
  • TMAX 100 film, EI 50
  • Medium orange filter

Canopy at night

Two night images of the new Union Station open air train shed.
interior of denver union station train shed
Again, what drew me to these compositions was the strong geometric elements, specifically the sweeping lines and curves in the architecture, as well as the strong contract between the lights and the shadows.
exterior of denver union station shed

  • Denver’s Union Station Open Air Train Shed
  • April, 2016
  • Travelwide 4×5, 90 mm Super-Angulon f8 lens
  • Ilford HP5+ film, EI 200

Geometric glass at the Denver Airport

Geometric glass at DIA

  • Denver International Airport arrival area
  • November, 2016
  • Mamiya 6, 50 mm lens
  • Ilford Delta 100 film, EI 50


Going up

escalator at DIA
Escalator ride from the commuter train arrival area to the main building of the Denver International airport. I was attracted to the shape of the negative space framing the strong geometric lines of the escalator ascending into the light.

  • Denver International Airport commuter train arrival area
  • July, 2017
  • Mamiya 6, 50 mm lens
  • Ilford HP5+ film, EI 200

My journey into fine art photography.

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