I used to think that I suffered from Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), but I’ve recently learned that I am an amateur when compared to others.

There are many cameras that I’d like to own, but I have focused on a pair of Mamiya lines that allow me to shoot under a wide variety of conditions, a growing amount of 4×5 large format gear, and a few speciality cameras.

Large format 4×5 Cameras
Wonderlust Travelwide Camera (ca 2015). My first 4×5 camera and the first Kickstarter project I supported. Now a dedicated pinhole camera.
B&J Press Camera (ca 1950s). I inherited my B&J from a retired photographer who used it for his work. It’s a wonderful camera, and I used it extensively for two years. It has two major drawbacks. It is extremely heavy, lugging it around is punishing, and its short bellows restricts the lenses I can use with it.
1st Generation Intrepid Camera (ca 2016). This camera is not a fine instrument and it encompasses a number of compromises, but it is amazingly light and durable, and allows me a greater choice of lenses.

Medium format Cameras
Mamiya 645 In the early 2000’s, scads of professional photographers made the decision that they needed to replace their medium format gear with the professional digital cameras of the day. This meant that cameras I previously never would have been able to afford, were suddenly within means. For about 5 years, before the pros realized their mistake, we took advantage of the fantastic deals on Mamiya 645s and collected a couple of bodies and a full sets of lenses.
Mamiya 6 I loved the vastness of a medium format negative, but I wanted something that I could hand hold and would be easier for traveling. That led to the Mamiya 6. The 6 is my first choice when I go out shooting.

Olympus OM-1n  (ca 1974). My first SLR from the mid 70’s. I kept this one purely for sentimental reasons.
Horizon 202 A 35 mm swing-lens panoramic camera based on the Soviet Horizont. I found an old Horizont, but it was too damaged to be repaired by our local shop. Still, it piqued our interest enough that I got a 202 for as a present shortly after.

My journey into fine art photography.

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