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2018 International Pinhole camera day

The 2018 International Pinhole camera day was April 29th of this year. Earlier in the month we went to Fort Lancaster in Fort Lupton Colorado to make some images.

Fort Lancaster is a recreation of the 1840’s trading fort located in what is now Fort Lupton Colorado. The fort was created by the The South Platte Valley Historical Society using building methods of the time.

This is my favorite image of the day because it has nice forced perspective from the stairs.


I made this image with a Travelwide 4×5 camera and a f/285 pinhole insert. For film I used the now discontinued Fuji Neopan Acros 100 4×5 sheet film. Normal development was done with Clayton F76+ developer. I like the Neopan Acros for pinhole images, because I don’t need to be concerned with reciprocity  corrections to the film exposure. When I read that it was being discontinued I bought a few boxes and stored it in the freezer. I figure I’ve got enough for a couple more years.

More pinhole images from the day can be viewed at Kelly Little Dog at WordPress.